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STEM education workshops are a great way to introduce children to the of science, technology, engineering, and math. Our are designed to be fun and engaging, while also providing valuable learning experiences. Whether you're a teacher looking to enhance your curriculum or a parent interested in giving your child an extra boost, our workshops are the perfect solution. Join us today and watch your child's love for STEM grow!

Electric Lab

Challenge students to test and classify materials based on their ability to conduct electricity. Guide students

through experiments to observe how different materials affect the flow of electrical current.

○Conductor challenge

Electric Engineer


Acquire a robust grasp of programming languages through Drag and Drop programs. Develop skills in systematically and logically approaching complex problems, applying coding techniques to devise solutions. Direct the robot to move in

the specified direction.

○Robotic (Group work)

Building a Robot

Energy Lab

Guide students through testing out a rubber powered plane, adjusting control surfaces to effect change in

direction of the flight path. Exploring energy conversion

○Rubber powered plane


Sound Lab

Set up stations with musical instruments, tuning forks, and sound-producing devices. Allow students to experiment with producing and manipulating sound waves. Guide students through activities where they

can investigate the properties of sound, such as frequency, pitch, and amplitude.

○Sound Waves Experiment

Music Class


Introductory courses on crime scene investigation, fingerprinting and forensic biology. This course provide students with a foundation in the scientific principles and techniques used to collect, analyse, and interpret evidence from crime scenes.

○Lifting of Fingerprint

○Blood Staining

○Hair Analysis

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